Our Story

Welcome to the luxurious, colourful world of Tajah Lane.   We inspire design confidence and bold colour choices.  Our exquisite range of sustainably sourced bedding products are for those seeking to create beautiful and inspired living spaces.

The name is significant, Tajah (said 'tar jah' and meaning crown in Hindi) was my first cat.   Lane, comes from Haji Lane in Singapore, a trendy boutique shopping district in my former home town.  

At our core we believe colour can be transformational, not only in living spaces but in ourselves, leading to a healthier, happier more joyful you.

Bringing joy through colour


About Me

Hello I’m Jacinda Crothers the founder of Tajah Lane.  I grew up in Tauranga, New Zealand on a rural lifestyle block which gave me an early appreciation of nature and a love of the outdoors.  The dramatic and vivid landscapes of the countryside contrasting with the seascapes of the local coastlines formed the backdrop for my childhoods imagery which still excites and influences me today.
My grandfather was an early inspiration, a skilled carpenter he made me a doll’s house and replicated our family furniture down to the same upholstery fabric on the miniature chairs.  My fascination with interiors and textiles stemmed from there.
My parents travelled extensively in their younger days and I grew up hearing their travel stories which gave me an intrinsic curiosity with what lay beyond my small-town roots.  It was this that motivated me to up and leave New Zealand in 2006 for what I thought would be the typical two-year OE (overseas experience, as us kiwis like to call it). 
With a background in Radiation Therapy, I worked clinically and then moved into the commercial field.  I found this work fulfilling, but always longed to do something more artistic.  It was during my time living in Singapore I embarked on an interior design course and had my first experience travelling to India.  I immediately felt a deep connection with this vibrant and spiritual country.  The colours of everyday life influencing my fashion choices and love of brights.
Moving to the UK and the purchase of our first house created the perfect opportunity to experiment and try things out.  At the same time trying to come to terms with infertility issues, balancing work, house renovations and general life, it all became a bit much.
Over a decade after leaving New Zealand I finally had my home, but no family to fill it with.  It was this feeling and emotional attachment to ‘home’ which has formed the backbone for my creativity and the reason I left a career in healthcare to pursue design. 
An inherent need to provide a warm, colourful, safe space where we can laugh, love, relax, share food, have fun with friends, but most of all be happy.  The kind of happy that just bubbles up and makes you smile!
Tajah Lane reflects all the things close to my heart: my family; my travels; my home.  Through Tajah Lane, my goal is to make people feel relaxed and at home by creating colourful happy spaces.