Our Story

Welcome to the luxurious, colourful world of Tajah Lane.   We inspire design confidence and bold colour choices.  Our exquisite range of sustainably sourced products are for those seeking to create beautiful and inspired living spaces.

The name is significant, Tajah (said 'tar jah' and meaning crown in Hindi) was my first cat.   Lane, comes from Haji Lane in Singapore, a trendy boutique shopping district in my former home town.  

At our core we believe colour can be transformational, not only in living spaces but in ourselves, leading to a healthier, happier more joyful you.

Bringing joy through colour


About Me

Hello I’m Jacinda Crothers the designer, creative entrepreneur and the heart and soul behind everything Tajah Lane!

I’m a beach girl through and through and I grew up with my brothers in the beautiful Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. My parents travelled extensively in their younger days and I was fascinated hearing their stories.  This was all the motivation I needed to get out and see the world.  Sixteen years and four different countries later, I am currently calling the UK home.  I live on the sunny South Coast with my husband, toddler and big cat Fin.

 My brand has evolved but was really created when I made a choice to finally put myself first, I left the world of corporate overwhelm as a bullying victim and emerged a lifestyle business owner with a vision of supporting women to love themselves enough to step away from the things that no longer serve them.

 Creating beautiful products for the heart and the home allows me to bring that sense of love and warmth.  I feel it’s my duty to honour this experience and the power it has given me.  It’s the reason I choose the bright uplifting colours I do, it’s the reason I choose to use more expensive methods of production and organic materials to respect the environment and the workers that help me create my magic!  Soulful, sustainable, style.  I hope you enjoy it xx